Gender Equality for Creatives

If you’d like to run a gender equality workshop for your colleagues or students, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a slide deck and facilitator’s notes that will provide you with everything you need. The workshop is designed to be run in a half day if you’re pushed for time or in a full day if you want to spend more time discussing the issues and questions it raises in depth.

You can either run it yourself, invite someone from HR to run it or ask a gender equality specialist to run it, to get the most from the experience.

    Gender Equality in Digital Media slide deck

   Gender Equality in Digital Media facilitator’s guide

One of the key elements to the workshop is the game you’ll find below but you can also play it any time. Perhaps you could put on a lunch-time talk and introduce it to others? Perhaps you know someone who would love it and appreciate being sent a link? Maybe you work with someone you think could benefit from playing it? Feel free to share it as widely as you like.

Gender Equality Game

Here’s the guide to the game that you’ll need if you’re running the workshop:

   Guide to the Gender Equality Game


The profile defines the special learning outcomes the learners can gain through the attending the training on gender equality.

   Learning outcomes profile

If you are a facilitator or learner interested in the topic you can also check out the guide of the profile. It will guide you through the application of the profile and provide background information on ECVET and the approach of learning outcomes.

   Guide to the profile